• Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Website Changes:
Client Area:
We have moved all the client pages to the https://shop.infusionpeakhosting.com/clientarea.php domain.
Main Website:
We have released our new home page for easier viewing and selection of our services.

New Services:
We have released some new game services with a full list below.

Available Game Hosting Plans:
Team Fortress 2
ARK Survival Evolved/Ascended
Gary's Mod
Assetto Corsa

Dedicated Machines:
We have partnered with Level One Servers to bring you more options for dedicated machines.
With this new partnership you can now get dedicated machines in Tampa, Florida and Dallas, Texas.
Contact us for available dedicated machines in Chicago, Illinois, Tampa, Florida, and Dallas, Texas or check our website for Chicago machines available for pre-order with 1-7 day delivery.

Status Page:
We have released our new status page.
With the new status page you can view previous incidents, maintenance, and current status of our services.

Review Us:
We have released our new Trustpilot page for our clients to review us and leave feedback on what we could do better.

Want to suggest something?
We value all feedback from our community members and clients. For more information on suggestions please join our discord and go to our suggestions channel.

Looking for a deal to get started?
We offer deals all the time. If you would like to view the deals as we publish them follow the deals channel in the Discord.

Check out our partners in our partners channel in our Discord for information on them.
New Partners in January:
My Plugins
We would like to welcome our new partnership with My Plugins they create addons for pterodactyl panel and more.

We are looking for part time staff.
If you are interested in applying for a part time support role create a ticket in our support channel in the Discord.

Free Beginner web hosting and discounted Professional web hosting.

InFusion Peak Hosting Information:
Contact Us:
If you would like to contact us for information please use the link below or call us:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InFusionPeak
Discord: https://discord.gg/ggtTSc22zb

Management Contact:
Philip E. philip@infusionpeakhosting.com
Jake. jake@infusionpeakhosting.com 
Ross B. ross@infusionpeakhosting.com
Contact Us Form: https://shop.infusionpeakhosting.com/contact.php
Call Us: +1 (877) 311-6279

Written by Ross B. | Management